Everything we build is a collaboration with our artists and audience, and as a result we are lucky and grateful to say we have been entirely funded by individual donors up to this point. As our skills and aspirations grow, we create more and more ambitious projects, and every donation we receive goes directly into heightening those experiences for our audience. Perhaps your donation will become the leather tome containing a character’s secrets, or the family tree that lines a wall of the set. Donors can literally touch and see their contributions to the worlds we build together.

Donate now at Fractured Atlas!

Birch House Immersive is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.
Contributions for the charitable purposes of Birch House Immersive must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only.
The value of your thank you gift (if applicable) varies.

Any contribution above the stated value is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Monthly Giving

We ask you to chose whatever method makes sense for you.

Informant | $5/mo

$5 a month may not seem like much to you, but one patron’s annual commitment at this level covers a month of rent at our confidential storage space! (Before you ask, yes it does contain liquor.) Obviously, as a Birch House Informant, we trust you with such secrets. A monthly commitment of just $5 gets you an Informant pin to wear to Birch House events, early access to upcoming ticket sales, and a subscription to our exclusive monthly newsletter “From the Desk of Birch House”, where you’ll receive updates, insights, reflections, and more from the creative team.

Bookkeeper | $10/mo

$10 a month covers the cost of the subscription to our fiscal sponsorship, Fractured Atlas, which allows us to accept vital tax deductible donations! Naturally, as a Birch House Bookkeeper, we would trust you to handle such delicate transactions. A monthly commitment of $10 gets you a Bookkeeper pin and all the perks of a Birch House Informant, but your monthly correspondence “From the Desk of Birch House” will also include original digital content seen nowhere else.

Resident | $15+/mo

$15 a month addresses the cost of the beautiful new website we just unveiled! Of course, as a Birch House Resident, you understand the importance of how we share our work, and we want to share more of it with you. A monthly commitment of $15 gets you a Resident pin and all the perks of a Birch House Bookkeeper, with the addition of a quarterly immersive physical mailing exclusive to this giving level.