Kind Words

About birch house

“Birch House…actively works on cultivating intimate and versatile experiences through their experiences and empowerment of new artists."

- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium

The Ode at Pint's end

“Birch House’s knack for telling impactful, human stories with nuanced characters shines through here and cements them as a must-see in the growing Chicago immersive scene. By the time the three surviving sailors raised their pints for the second toast – the toast at pint’s end – I realized I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.”

- David Higgins, Become Immersed

“I was sold well before the final toast, but there’s much to admire, particularly Janie Killips’ arrangements of classic Irish folk music, as well as beguiling, yearning original music of her own…I’ll gladly stand ‘pon the shore for what Killips and her fellow writer/director/producer Lauren N. Fields offer up next.”

- Patrick O'Brien, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“The course set by Birch House Immersive shows that not only do they respect the stories of the sea, but, indeed, they’ve mastered them.”

- Patrick McLean, No Proscenium

Cursed: An American Tragedy

“Birch House’s Cursed Brings True Emotion to An American Tragedy”

- Jacob C. Shuler, No Proscenium

“Cursed delivers spooky in all the well-earned ways.”

- mike haverty, Scapi Magazine

“Historical Thrills Brought By Birch House”

- Nate Hall, Picture this Post

Lonely hearts

the game

"The evening’s pièce de résistance is the board game itself...While there’s initial hesitation among my table, after the first questions we realized not only can we trust the cards, but each other. By the game’s end, secrets, laughs, looks, promises, and dances are shared between us. I started Lonely Hearts with strangers but ended it with friends, being a night I’ll cherish for years...Between the ever-captivating performances, adopting elements from their remote experiences, and deliberately empowering the audience, Birch House Immersive has pushed themselves into a new chapter of artistic and immersive ingenuity with Lonely Hearts: The Game.”

- Patrick McLean, No Proscenium

special delivery

"Special Delivery is a welcome and invigorating change of pace, the well-worn formula of being shuffled from between performers on a track unable to be duplicated for mail delivery. Each package is filled to the brim, seemingly never-ending with how intricately it’s been prepared. Audience interaction and usage has been carefully planned out, maximizing both discovery and dramatics. There are notes and objects wrapped within letters, allowing the audience to make connections instinctively. Also, each item is incredibly detailed and clearly carefully constructed.”

- Patrick McLean, No Proscenium

in quarantine

“While it is often difficult to lean into the pandemic as an element of a story, Birch House Immersive threads the needle successfully; there’s a kindness and safeness to all the encounters with various denizens of the Lonely Hearts world. The characters make themselves vulnerable and easy to connect with, while balancing between opportunities for the participant to share their own experience as to what life in lockdown has been like.”

- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium

Sweethearts soiree

“Lonely Hearts: The Sweethearts Soirée was a beautiful meditation on the human need to feel love. I laughed, I cried, and I didn’t want it to end. As I left the apartment, surrounded by friends, my heart was full, and I certainly felt anything but lonely.”

- David Higgins, Become Immersed

“So like the quest so many couples find themselves upon to celebrate a personal and meaningful Valentine’s Day, Birch House Immersive continues to explore, grow, and foster the experiences the audience can have in each year with Lonely Hearts, ensuring that each year is as romantic as the last one for all involved.

- Patrick McLean, No Proscenium

the first

“Exploring Intimacy, Love, and Relationships with Lonely Hearts.”

- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium